Step 1

To download all our 3D Panoramas at once, you need to download and install this little tool first: utorrent

This program will set up a file sharing network. This way, large files can be distributed without the need for expensive servers.

You can close uTorrent at any time and resume the download later. If you want, you can instruct uTorrent to start automatically on system startup and run in the background.

Step 2

Click and open this link to start the download: downloadSites in 3D 13/06/2017 6.44 GB Hit:

Note: If uTorrent doesn't run automatically, save this link to your disk and double clicking on it from the windows explorer.

Next, you will see a window popping up. Press the button [...] to choose the target directory for the archive. You can uncheck the files you don't want on the displayed list. Press [OK] to start downloading.

uTorrent screen view

Depending on the speed of you internet connection and the number of people currently sharing the archive, the download can take several hours (even days if no one is willing to share!).

Step 3

Congratulations. You have downloaded the archive. What is it you're going to do next? Close uTorrent? If you close it or remove the archive's torrent file, you will stop sharing it! Remember that this is a file sharing network. You should at least let others download the same amount as you downloaded from others. The more people share, the faster it gets!

Usually, the 'upload' capacity of internet connections are not used. Since you are already paying for it, why not put it to good use? Let uTorrent work in the background. To do this, choose "Options -> Preferences" from the menu and check "Start uTorrent on system startup".